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Lumigan Eye Drops (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) Side Effects, warning and Uses

Lumigan eye drops

What is Lumigan?

Lumigan Drops is a Eye drop. It’s generic name is Bimatoprost. Lumigan may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.


Lumigan (Bimatoprost opthalmic solution) is an artificial prostemide analogue with ocular hypotensive activity that works by regulating the flow of fluid within the eye so that some types of glaucoma and other causes of high pressure in the eye can be treated. Lumigan is used to improve the perfection, length and color of the eyelids in people with a condition called hypothrheysis, which is lacking in eyelash development.

Side effects of Lumigan Eye drops

  • burning/stinging/irritation/ redness/discomfort of the eye,
  • feeling as if something is in your eye,
  • dry eyes,
  • watering eyes,
  • temporary unstable vision,
  • dizziness.

If you are using Lumigan for a Long-term it may be a cause of brown discoloration of the colored portion of the eye.

Uses of Lumigan

Lumigan (Bimatoprost) Eye drops is used for treatment of high pressure inside the eye due to glaucoma (open-angle type) or other eye diseases. Because the lowering high pressure inside the eye can help prevent blindness.

If You need Lumigan Eye drops then First Read How to use, Side Effects, uses and dosages then Buy Lumigan eye drops

How to use Lumigan Eye drops

  • Wash your hands. Tilt your head back and look at the ceiling.
  • Using your finger, Pull down your lower eyelid to form a pocket.
  • Squeeze one drop into the pocket.Don’t let the bottle tip touch your eye, your finger or anything else.
  • Close your eyes very slowly and lightly press on the inside corners of your eyes.
  • Carely blot away any excess liquid that may be on your skin.


If you are wearing  contact lenses. For using Lumigan drops firs you remove the contact lenses and wait for 15 minutes.